The Role of Convention Centers in a Destination- by Federico Bischburg, Executive Secretary ACCLATAM


The Role of Convention Centers in a Destination- by Federico Bischburg, Executive Secretary ACCLATAM

Much has been written, talked about and debated about the role of convention centers in destinations, but very little has been developed integrally about the possibilities it generates in the community they are placed.
The convention centers are not only large spaces for academic, cultural, artistic, musical or corporate events, but they are the gateway to great opportunities for the destination in which they are located; generally built in large spaces in non-residential or commercial areas, they contribute to
create a new pole for the city where they are established, since they generate a new place, different from everything known and that aspires to become one of the iconic points of the city.
From the point of view of the relationship with people, they are creators of Employability, which either by their own activities or the occasional ones (in the case of having an event) generate a number and a variety of jobs, both fixed and contingent , which directly impact the population of the
place. In addition, by attracting activities that demand higher quality of services generating more training, as well as one with the improvement and employability of the entire supply chain A Convention Center, in one of its main roles generates an Improvement in the Offer the
Destinations, since being one of the largest spaces in the city, it allows us to aspire to gather meetings that because of space, were not possible without this building, directly impacting the economy of the region thanks to the spill of expenses that visitors make.
We cannot fail to mention as one of the fundamental factors of the role of a convention center, the possibility of Academic Training for professionals people of the region they live in , who are benefited by the possibility of accessing the references of their specialty, something unfeasible if
they should travel to other metropolis to attend these academic possibilities.
And finally, the social role that it must fulfill before the Community, generating and facilitating events that enrich the cultural, social, educational and sports life of each one of the citizens: recitals,
championships, fairs, meetings, talks, etc. are the activities, which enable people to be in the convention centers, understanding that it is for the entire population, generating respect, empathy and affection for the place.
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