We Dream as a Team and Win an Event Venue Destination (Soledad Urtubey, Salta ICCA Member)


We Dream as a Team and Win an Event Venue Destination (Soledad Urtubey, Salta ICCA Member)

It is Not only a phrase: but it is also an invitation to encourage yourself to dream and work as a team! Through a brief review, I will share with you the trajectory of Salta in Meetings Industry and the transformation our beautiful Salta had as a professional Venue of Events!!

A great experience!!! It began 15 years ago with a dream of a few people, that later, thanks to the confidence of the business , the academic and the public sector, it became a global vision: "develop the M.I.C.E. industry in Salta ". This is how the foundations of the Salta Convention Bureau are born.

In that context we took the first steps: with a comprehensive analysis of the Salta Destination as Event Venue (Strengths, Opportunities, Weaknesses, and Threats) and the event market in Argentina. The next step, when 10 years ago we choose to become professional! We called a great international expertise: the master Mr. Arnaldo Nardone. He introduced us to the meetings industry with the design of a specific Marketing Plan for Meetings Tourism of the Province of Salta, whose development involved forming an Operative Team: people who in a dedicated and professional way fulfilled processes and invested time in the systematics execution of the Annual Programs inherent to the matrix of the Strategic Plan.

In recent years and according to the Ranking of the Argentinean Yearbooks of the MICE industry: elaborated by the Economic Observatory of Meetings Tourismof the Argentine Republic (conformed by the UBA, AOCA, the IN.PRO.TUR of Argentina, the CVB and Provincial Tourism Organizations); the province of Salta is located in the TOP 5 Event Venue Destinations of the country, sustaining the leadership of the Meetings Industry in the Northern Region of Argentina.

It clearly reflects that Meeting Industry has been able to promote itself as a key and competitive sector in the economy of tourism in Salta: the average annual growth (around 12%) of Meetings Industry in Salta is the result of many years of methodological work of a Destination Team -integrated by effective public policies, efficient management of the private sector, virtuous interaction with the Academy and the collaboration of the Salta
community-, together we have been able to give value to continuous professionalization as an instrument of growth for the sector.

The positioning obtained implies that the benefits and opportunities are visible and real for the Salta Destination as Event Venue: they are evident in its economic, labor, academic, cultural, tourist, holiday and social profitability, which undoubtedly influenced the continuous improvement of the living conditions of our community.

One and a thousand times, Congratulations to all the #SaltaDestinationTeam of the Meetings Industry !! THANKS, to the decision-makers of the associative, corporate, fair and sports market, FOR CHOOSING SALTA as Venue for your events!

Register in the 8Th ICCA Latin America and Caribbean Meeting and the 13th Client Supplier Business Workshop !!! In Salta we are waiting for you !!!

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